User Scenarios


What is a User Scenario? Well, it’s like a story, more so, the tale of how your Persona will interact with your app. User Scenarios are the tales of certain personalities, which ultimately help shape the actions and the mindset of the future users. These scenarios provide the designer with a sense of testing before the actual testing begins, highlighting potential problems before they’re even set in stone. Regardless of whether the personas succeeds or fails at the given task, User Scenarios allow the designer to see the problems at hand, and allow them to draw up a solution to counteract such future problems.

When producing a User Scenario, the designer must considers all the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and hows of potential usage. The designer, much alike when developing a Persona, must delve into the mindset of the user. They must consider what the user aims to achieve, expect, attempt, and of course, how they’ll react to the app as a whole. User Scenarios wont necessarily predict every possible outcome, as all users are unique and different and will react in different ways. However, they can imitate and interpret possible outcomes, and how these outcomes will play a role in the daily treads of life.


Photo Credit: Garnet (Music App UI). [Image] (24 February 2016). Retrieved 23 February 2017, from


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